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If you jump into a pool of water that was created by a heavy rain, which one of the raindrops will cause you to drown? 
One single raindrop will not kill you but a pool of water, if left to accumulate, will provide a sufficient amount of water to drown a person.  Is the metaphor lost on the consumer in this country? 
The people of the United States have allowed the pool of corruption and greed to grow from so many avenues that we find ourselves feeling hopeless about a solution.  We’ve lost …

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Information concerning Milstead & Associates can be found at their website:

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Written by Heidi H. Otou.
The first annual Tree Huggers Anonymous meeting is to be held somewhere outside Spokane, Washington.  Due to our desire to avoid any negative environmental impact, there will be no signs posting the way nor will there be a road leading to the event.  For that matter, we will also not be providing lighting or lodging of any sort.  Any manner of convenience that negatively impacts the environment will be avoided; for example, …

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Everybody has a story, mine may not be weirder than yours but it does involve the Bee Gees.   Visions of Saturday Night Fever may be running through your mind and I admit my story is not normal but it is what it is.
Following college I moved away to a new country where I experienced different cultures and I became disgusted at the laziness of the European culture.  I guess when it came down to it I was a true blue capitalist.  It’s not that I felt that Europe should change, quite frankly …

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Good Evening,
What I’m going to do today is give a new perspective on the creativeness of the criminals that reside within our banking system. 
Susquehanna Bank, they bought Farmers First Bank in Lancaster County, is a regional bank with numerous branches.  By the way, I believe they’ve recently purchased Graystone.  For years I dealt successfully with Farmers First Bank but when Susquehanna Bank took over things began to go bad. 
At the point Susquehanna Bank began to service my auto and personal loans I believe I had five loans with the bank.  …