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Who We Are

We Truth was created to educate, inform, and to provide possible solutions.  This world is plagued by many evils and scandals, at wetruth.com we’ll try our best to uproot what we can but alas we are only a few amongst the many.  Many readers may take offense to our articles and I’m sorry for that.  We only ask the readers to be honest with themselves, are they becoming angry with us because we told them something they just didn’t want to hear or are they angry because what we say isn’t true?  The writers we hope to have here will come from all types of backgrounds and some from all sorts of institutions.  We recognize and embrace your right to disagree with what we say is the truth but please recognize our right to speak and write our beliefs.  Anything is possible in the scheme of things, within reason, so we will be humble enough to correct anything we have misrepresented.

The world we live in is constantly changing and opportunists and criminals are constantly creating new schemes to gain power, steal money, and manipulate events to their advantage.  Please take the time to consider what is said here and then react appropriately.  Don’t lash-out or be retributive, think of ways to resolve disputes so that we can best live in harmony.   If you’re like me and you’ve uncovered something you want the world to hear, write it down and send it to We Truth.

We Truth believes conservative values are what makes a country great and liberal views allow the growth of the arts and humanity. However, liberalism without conservatism will destroy any great civilization.  It makes no sense to read poetry to your foe as he cuts your throat and then steals your property.

If you want to become part of We Truth then send us your story/truth and perhaps we will place it on this website.  Remember, in your first communication with us to be brief.  If we like the sound of your story or we have numerous similar reports we will contact you for the details.  Keep in mind, we have day jobs as well.

Anyone wishing to advertise on this website, please contact us.  Although we won’t take advertisements from individuals or corporations we find offensive, we will try our best to help those in need.  The address is:  Wetruth.com, [sorry, our PO BOX is being relocated, for now please send your email to tvlawyer@gmail.com.  THANKS].

If you have a positive comment or a correction to the facts of any of the articles printed on this site then please contact us.

If you have a negative comment we will accept them on February 29th of each year, except for 2012 and 2016, on those years we will accept them on the 30th.

All articles are written from the perspective of a concerned citizen that the rights of our fellow citizens are being negatively effected.  If an article contains sarcasm or comedy then it probably is not meant literally and sometimes we may just be kidding.  It is usually easy to tell which articles are which.

We Truth will only be effective if We tell the Truth.