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Greek Tragedy

25 October 2011 2,394 views No Comment

Are we Greece?  Is/Are the United States and most other western economies merely larger versions of Greece?  Will we face similar problems soon?  If so, what in the heck are we waiting for to address the same type of problems that caused the crisis in Greece?  Or, is it too late and our leaders are simply giving themselves and their buddies time to get their money into some type of asset that will better weather the storm?

Look into a mirror and you’ll see yourself.  Look at your parents and you may identify with a future version of yourselves.  When it comes to identifying with issues other than appearances we, as a general rule, tend to avoid the unavoidable truths in life:  We all die, similar problems tend to cause similar harms, two wrongs don’t make a right, the pursuit of a solution down a proven path of failure will tend to produce similar or greater failure, etc.  So when considering Greece, can we simply use it as an indicator of our future successes or failures?

Being indicative of a possible outcome is certainly never cause to ignore other possibilities; however, we must not depend on continued immunity from sickness solely because we wish our fairytale lasts forever.  To be blunt, we will die by the same sword as Greece if we live by the same blacksmith.  Let’s not forget our government’s principle philosophy, they know what is better for us regardless of how negatively it affects our well being.  That being said, we cannot depend upon our government to protect us individually from the inevitable financial disaster that awaits us if we fail to plan.  To be fair, I certainly wouldn’t want to be the bearer of bad news either.  So are they doing what they can to help us all or are they, through their lack of attention to culpability, creating a harsher negative outcome?

We Truth firmly believes the true wealth of this country is based upon its unique ability to be self-sufficient and not rely upon the rest of the world for our survival.  We are blessed with a disproportionate supply of fresh water and a unique food production capacity.  To add to our survivability, we also have a strong military and industrial complex to ensure the protection of our assets.  Unfortunately, our leaders choose to go down a path that focuses on survival rather than a path that will ensure our prosperity.  The difference between a path that ensures we will survive and a path that ensures our prosperity is clear when defining the acceptable range of success and failure.  History shows that all governments are willing to sacrifice certain parts of society to ensure the survivability of the preferred or valued members of society.  This type of defeatist attitude almost assures that some people will suffer to ensure that others may prosper.  Unlike a path that assumes some must be sacrificed, a path that preaches the prosperity of the entire country promotes measures that assume each individual can play a key and critical role if they are given the opportunity.  There is never a guarantee that each member will succeed but each member is provided opportunities.  We Truth recognizes that no system can assure absolute equality but, that being said, it certainly flies in the face of logic to ensure equality by forcing the majority of the present to suffer the past inequalities of the minority.  To create an equality of opportunity, we must focus on equality for all rather than attempting to adjust to perceived inequalities.  Of course, this simply means policies such as affirmative action must be scrapped.  Indians lose their rights to Casinos and cigarette sales, etc.  As silly and absurd as it may sound; equality is only possible if it gives each person equal opportunity.  Pretty tough, huh? 

Where must we go from here?  Our nation is facing symptoms similar to Greece.  Our economy, while more resilient, is not immune to the sickness Greece finds itself afflicted with.  WE must not hesitate in our obligations to our youth and future generations to seize upon the opportunity and blessing we face due to our unique position, observing the economic effects of Greece’s financial policies.

We must react positively and forcefully to address the failures of our economic policies so that we will not suffer the same results as Greece.  Is it possible at this time to avoid what some believe is inevitable?  To not assume tragedy is avoidable is not who we are in this country, we will never give in to our fears and we must move forward towards a resolution.  We can depend only upon ourselves and we must not wait for outside assistance.  What should we do first?

WE must first prioritize our efforts to achieve independence and prosperity.  We need our own energy, our own food, our own water, our own industrial complexes, and we need our own leaders.  Key in our policies and efforts are leaders who support our country’s best interests based solely upon the best interests of our people.  We must immediately apply a policy that forces the development of our natural resources, especially natural gas.  We must force improvements and efforts to increase the production of food, regardless of how many little snails are affected.  Human members of the United States of America must take priority over the animals of our forests and streams.  We must address the reality of the importance of clean water before it becomes imminently relevant.  Food and Water will become the most valuable resource in the next fifty years, easily surpassing oil and gas.  Key to our national security, we must address the flight of industrial capabilities outside our borders.  If we must defend the integrity of our borders, it is imperative that our industrial complexes exist within the sphere of our protected lands.  That being said, if a company chooses to locate itself outside our borders and faces hostility that is locally based, it should not be important for our military to protect them or for our treasury to compensate them in their personal quest to individually prosper at the expense of anyone else concerned.

We must begin NOW.  Every day we wait is a day closer to our dependence upon a world that has been waiting for generations for leverage to limit our success and power.   ANY PERSON, WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT OR OUTSIDE, WHO PROMOTES ANY INTERESTS CONFLICTING WITH THE PATH TOWARDS PROSPERITY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED SUSPECT.  After all, while enjoying the freedoms, blessings, and security of our country, a person should not seek personal gain at the risk of those rights being reduced for others within our country to the benefit of others outside our borders.  We must not become dependant upon any nation for the supply of our industrial or military complexes. 

WE must first ensure our own rights, resources, capabilities, sustainability and security are protected before we can help anybody else.  The last century has clearly shown that the United States is unique in its capacity for charity.  While many countries preach morality, it is the citizens of our country that actually practice their beliefs.

In the past we became accustomed to enjoying our liberties and wealth without fear of losing them.  However, today we can’t simply assume our blessings will continue forever, we must act to protect and ensure our path to prosperity is both successful and sustainable.

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