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With all the talk about a second bailout and the justifications for and against it, the normal person on the street is just plain sick of it.  Let’s be honest, the first attempt to bailout the economy was nothing more than Washington bending over for Wall Street and its pals in the Motor City.  Of course, there were the additional traitors like General Electric that had their greasy hands out and their politician cohorts that are always willing to play the tax money “pass-through” political contribution game.  We Truth feels the pain of the street and the street is NOT HAPPY. 

Let’s take it from the top:  General Motors and Chrysler, these two automotive giants, while making some very cool cars in the past, are not national treasures.  They’re just corporations that in the past were negatively affected by their own poor judgment and a downturn in the economy.  Does the street feel sympathy for the workers in a company that goes broke?  Of course we do but that’s because we’re kind and considerate, not because we’re a bunch of communists.  Just because something is unfortunate and has a negative effect on part of the U.S. economy is no justification to support a dying industry.  Let’s face facts, GM hasn’t done much to help themselves in the last thirty years willingly.  GM only improved its cars over the last thirty years because Japan and other foreign auto makers highlighted the lack of quality control and  innovation in the American auto industry.  U.S. automakers improved cars because they had to, they did it as a result of competition from outside our borders, and they only did as much innovation as they believed they needed to to remain profitable.  We should all thank Toyota and Honda for forcing GM, Ford, and Chrysler to improve their cars.  While U.S. automakers are moving their factories outside our borders because they claim low profits, the foreign automakers are doing just fine with their companies they built here.  The workers at the U.S. based foreign automakers are doing just fine without unions as well.  Regardless, Democrats and Labor Unions are crying foul because the “workers of the world” are being taken advantage of or in some way being made to suffer. 

Labor Unions represent of small percentage of the workers in the United States and a much smaller percentage of workers in the world.  Does the majority of Americans on the street feel a kindred spirit with Union troubles?  Yes and No – Yes, we feel for any person that suffers or is in a position where they are forced to make uncomfortable choices because they just want to put a roof over their family’s head and food on the table for their kids.  Yes, most Americans can relate to financial hardship and the reality that sometimes we must go without because of the position we find ourselves in.  Yes, we understand that many of the places we find ourselves in are not completely our own doing and others do share in the responsibility, etc.  NO, most people on the street don’t blame all of our personal troubles on somebody else and we do take our own share of the responsibility for our financial positions.  NO, most of us don’t think the government owes us a living or that somehow the fate of the company we work for should be predetermined through the financial support of other tax payers who in turn will suffer to ensure our benefits.  NO, we don’t think Labor Unions have it so bad anymore and our historic sympathy for their cause has been muffled by the creation of numerous labor laws and departments within the government to deal with workplace safety issues.  No, we couldn’t give a lick if GM or Chrysler went bust because of poor business decisions. 

We’re not idiots, we know that if any of the largest auto manufacturers go into bankruptcy then no great disaster would befall the motor city.  Just the opposite, if anyone has been to Detroit in the last decade or more they would see that the disaster has been there for quite some time.  How much worse could it get?  The BEST thing that could happen to that area is that some of the upper level management in these car companies and upper level Labor Union control could be replaced with competant and honest individuals. 

We Truth loves normal Democrats, Independants, and Republicans; WE DON”T BLAME DEMOCRATIC VOTERS FOR THEIR BELIEF THAT THEIR LEADERS ARE TRYING TO HELP THEM.  We applaud the generosity and kindness of many citizens of this country that are Democrats.  My mother was a Democrat and I still remember watching and helping her take food and clothes to people less fortunate.  Funny thing, the “less fortunate” we visited usually drove nicer cars than hers and they usually had nicer clothes. 

We Truth believes that there are TWO DIFFERENT TYPES OF DEMOCRATS (and Republicans).  The first type of Democrat, let’s call them the “backbone of our industrial greatness“, they are what you would expect from a political party that is supposed to fight for the rights of the workers.  The second type of Democrat, let’s call them the “self-proclaimed intellectually entitled and divinely superior to all others” (the “Democratic elite”), they are the liberals from universities and the extremely wealthy that no longer live in the real world.  

NOTE:  There is always a third type of person that blends into the others, the Opportunist.  They can be the best of us in the worst of situations or the worst of us in any situation.  Many times people just find themselves lost and reaching for an available solution, it is at these times that the Opportunist will seek to take advantage.  Opportunism has proven costly to us all because all too often its goals are not ethical or moral.

The first type are the people Independents feel a bond with because we all have a national pride and we all want the country to succeed.  These two groups want things to improve for everyone but recognize that each has a limitation.   The typical worker that is a Democrat doesn’t believe he should benefit at the cost of his neighbor who often works next to him.  They/We depend upon and trust each other. 

The normal voter is a Democrat, an Independent, or a Republican only during election periods, they are us.  Perhaps we only recognize our party affiliation one day each four years when we vote for a President.  Most days we’re just trying to survive the best way we can so that our children can have a better life.  WE are the best of the Democratic party and for that matter the best of the Independents and Republicans.

The second type of Democrat is what I like to refer to as the “ignorers of reality”, they live in worlds that few people ever experience and they do so with a level of arrogance that rivals Icarus or Dr Faustus.  Can you blame them?  These people receive great adulation and we fondle over their every word, at least they believe that.  We gave them a special place in society and, to be fair, some of them worked very hard to receive it, some didn’t.  However, with any great honor and position also comes great responsibility. 

They took their personal gain and instead of basing their approach to reality on actual capabilities or capacities, they base their dreams of a Utopian society on what could be possible in the distant future.  Obviously, their beliefs should be considered, any proposed path towards Utopia may provide insightful and productive ideas.  However, just because a dream of Utopia exists doesn’t mean we are either capable of presently achieving it or undertaking the required sacrifices to enable its progression.  Hence, “progressivism”, a term apparently designed to indicate forward motion but all too often resulting in costly setbacks.  What is ironic is that most attempts at progressive societies often result in a regressive backlash that proves more detrimental to their cause then any gain experienced. 

What to do?  WE TRUTH is a firm believer that the truth in all situations should be exposed.  Whether the truth has a short-term negative effect or not, usually in the long run everyone benefits from the confidence and security that results from open discussions and information (HEY- someone tell the Department of Injustice that the truth has it’s benefits!). 

Democrats-Independents-Republicans, face hard times.  The truth is that most of our troubles were allowed and that, even if we were diligent, society as a whole failed to limit the growth of government, insurance companies, and the like.  The truth is we have a value system today that has been twisted by an unrealistic value structure that places too much emphasis on material wealth and not enough placed upon the work required to earn it.  We have become a society that finds no fault in punishing the individuals who work honorably to achieve their goals by requiring them to sacrifice a disproportionate amount of their labor.  They must pay for the benefit of not just those who cannot work but also for those who refuse to work or who work for the government and receive compensation for public employment much greater than their private counterparts.   The result of all of our shortcomings is a poor economy, a leadership structure more focused on personal gain, and a multitude of public and private interest groups that would sacrifice the rights of anyone for their groups own gains.  WE have, in fact, allowed the Barbarians through our gates.

Only a suggestion from We Truth: 

First, let’s recognize there is no perfect and immediate solution. 

Second, we must recognize that we can agree to disagree without becoming militaristic. 

 Third, we must believe each positive step forward brings us closer to a permanent solution.  That’s not so bad, is it?

FOURTH, this is of utmost importance; we should recognize that we all have shortcomings and that the recognition of our imperfections is not so much an admission of guilt but it is more importantly a necessary ingredient to arriving at a viable solution.  This is the hardest part, getting each other to admit we have and continue to make mistakes.

FIFTH:  We need to set some realistic goals on the process we’re going to undertake and we must be resolute in our efforts to move towards the goals established.  Of course, keeping in mind our Fourth step, if we can see we made an error we must admit it and proceed appropriately.

SIXTH:  VERY IMPORTANT:  Government is never to be considered a solution to a problem but rather it should be seen as a tool to resolve a problem on behalf of its employers, the People.  Government should only be as large as is required so flexibility should be a key ingredient.  Departments like emergency relief should be locally organized and the top involvement should be focused on integration and coordination.  NOTE:  One thing we learned about government from Katrina is the bigger it gets the less efficient it becomes.

SEVENTH:  A prioritization of each government function should be completed so that the Department Head can focus his efforts toward achieving goals appropriate to the wishes of his employers, the People.

EIGHTH:  Nothing in the government should be secret except items of the utmost national security.  Any effort for any branch of government to expand its powers to limit access of information to the People should be denied.  It should be perfectly clear that government only has the powers the People LEND them and any and all powers lent can be taken away. 

The Constitution was never drafted to give the government power over the people but rather it was written by the People to limit government.  Government was considered a necessary ingredient in the Republic at the time.  Like any ingredient, it was always assumed that the Government could be modified by the People.  By definition, a constitutional amendment can allow the People to control the government so long as it doesn’t detract from the inherent rights of man, as given to man from God.  That is the only exception to the powers of the People, they cannot remove the rights given them by the Creator.  Like it or not, our Founders believed in God.  Moreover, they firmly believed in a direct relationship of God to the People and through the People to governments.  That is, in a nutshell, the key difference between divine rights all People possess and the incorrect perception that governments somehow are capable of giving or taking away rights.  It cannot be more highly stressed, in the United States of America the Constitution does not give any rights to the Government, all powers lent to all government officials come from the God to the People, from the People to the Constitution, and from the Constitution to the government.  In the scheme of things, the government is on the bottom of the power structure.  The confusion often results when an individual attempts to claim the role of “the People”.  While it is true that divine rights flow to the individual as a member of the group of people, it is also true that an individuals rights must be limited when they attempt to inappropriately affect the rights of other individuals.  The People are a collective and, as in any collective, we must recognize our role as inferior to the Creator of rights.  We must accept our rights as divinely given and with them accept our obligations to others as their importance and value has also been divinely established.  In effect, we see the value of ourselves through our acceptance of the value of others.  To ensure our individual rights we must protect the rights of others.  Whether you believe in God or not, the Founders believed he gave us our rights and they listed those rights in the Constitution. 

NINETH:  Recognizing step eight, we must recognize that divine gifts are not ours to control and if God has given us the blessing of inherent rights he too has blessed all people of the earth.  The idea of national identity is a very important ingredient when forming and protecting our collective security; however, we must not spit in the face of the Creator by punishing our neighbors with the power of our gifts.  As man is but a recipient of the inherent rights given, so may we lose our grace by our misdeeds.  That being said, in a round about way, we need to respect the rights of other people in the world in a way that doesn’t negatively affect our security but also in a way that doesn’t compromise our beliefs and divine law.

TENTH:  HONOR AND DIGNITY – key terms so often forgot.  There is no honor in a victory won against an enemy that can’t defend themselves.  This is a point we should keep in mind many times when we consider what we can do as opposed to what we should do.  We Truth is a firm believer in determining the value in a system of government by considering how it treats the least valuable member of its society.  Societies are free to perceive their worth and justify their existence but history will prove that all great societies become great when the least among them are allowed to flourish due to their own efforts and not the efforts of others.  Whether the world wants to admit it or not, one hundred plus years ago people were driving horse and buggies and our entertainment was almost identical to what was seen a thousand years prior.  In the last seventy-five years there has been more advancements in technology, both inventions and innovations, then since the day man first walked the earth .  It is no coincidence that U.S. citizens were at the forefront of the advancement in technology.  If people are allowed to benefit from the fruits of their own labor then any limitation on their achievements is removed.  The desire of some people to reach their dreams is so great that they can achieve tomorrow what may seem impossible today. 

ELEVEN:  Government should limit its control.  As discussed above, and proven through the history of man, when governments seek to control private business it often results in the stifling of efficiency and progress.  We need look no further than today to see the negative affects of government regulation upon free markets.  However, the government does play an integral role in the enforcement of laws limiting corrupt business practices.  For example, as is clearly seen with the recent Mortgaged-backed Securities mess, the lack of the government enforcing criminal laws and civil regulations surrounding mortgage securties has lead to a system-wide failure and a complete drop in consumer confidence.  Stupid is as stupid does.  We should all take a lesson from Forrest Gump.

TWELVE:    OK, here we go – it’s hate mail time – we need to STOP THE BAILOUTS!!!  Like I said in a previous article, the government having “one final bailout to save the economy” is very much like a drug addict promising to give up  drugs if you give him just one more fix.  Not a very likely solution in any situation but our government officials know that they can always take advantage of an emergency, whether or not the emergency is real or manufactured.  This brings us to our next point, a system of laws that apply equally to us all and which contain rational punishments.

THIRTEEN:  Just like the Amendment, we should be wary of Involuntary Servitude.  The criminal code has been twisted to unnatural lengths to provide profit to the business of incarcerating individuals and/or forcing people to work against their will.  Let’s take Lancaster County Pennsylvania as an example, I only use it because I’m familiar with it:  Lancaster has a prison that has a HVAC system that hasn’t properly functioned for over a decade.  Don’t get me wrong, the air conditioning does work in the administrative part of the prison but for some unknown reason a repair-person hasn’t been able to fix the prisoner’s HVAC in over ten years.  Hence, with all the humidity and brutal summer weather, inmates of the prison regularly pass out due to heat issues.  To drive the point home further, if the people in the prison were dogs and cats the entire staff would be guilty of cruelty to animals and the place would be shut down immediately.  Oh well, they’re nasty criminals right?  NOT LIKELY, Lancaster has a history of incarcerating people for all kinds of “criminal behavior’ like failing to remain current with child support, failing to make bail, violating a PFA that may or may not have been disclosed, failing to pay fines, and let’s not forget the really evil crime of working as a Guard at the prison.  Yup, not only do the prisoners face harsh and inhumane conditions, Guards also must survive there.  I guess you can imagine how happy they are to enjoy a free stinky sauna, the allegations of brutality and prisoner beatings are many.  Coincidentally, the ability of the security cameras to function almost mirrors the location and the timing of the allegations of brutality and physical assaults upon prisoners.  It got so bad that Prison Administration had to run a separate venting system into the meeting area where the Attorneys meet the inmates so that Attorneys had proper air conditioning.  At what point did our judicial system and the employees of the local prisons become the enforcers of severe punishment upon those considered innocent until proven guilty?  Remember, we are judged by our treatment of our “least valued” citizens.

We’ll finish by saying that our Constitution denies government the ability to force people to work by the imposition of incarceration.  I recognize the importance of parents taking responsibility for their children and the key role the courts play in the collection of child support.  However, no matter how creative you are in attempting to justify the duties of the government to enforce the rights of a child and parent to receive compensation from a “deadbeat” parent, it is a clear violation of the Thirteenth Amendment to incarcerate people because they cannot afford to meet a standardized support schedule.  Few of the people in jail are there because they are good at concealing their income or continually changing address to avoid detection and apprehension.  In the end, the bottom line is that prisons have themselves become a big industry and the people involved are deriving financial profit from the imposition of Constitutional violations upon our citizens.  While we may not consider the people in jail, as a whole, a valuable part of society, ours is not the key consideration because we can only depend upon our own rights if we allow others to equally enjoy theirs.

As a note:  I recognize many will cry foul because a child is left with either himself or a parent and they may be financially burdened.  Moreover, we can even say that beyond a doubt they will face extreme financial hardship.  Yet, our divine rights that are inherently given have never included a right to financial  prosperity or financial adequacy.  As such, even if we agree that the rights of the child and parent are significantly effected to their detriment, we must also agree that a denial of a greater right of freedom from incarceration due to an inability or an unwillingness to work should be avoided.  Society, WE THE PEOPLE, if we are willing to recognize our inherent rights we must also allow others their God given right to be lazy and shortsighted, not to mention disgustingly neglectful of their parental obligations.  Society, if it chooses to be or if it chooses not to be, is responsible to its members for their personal survival as to food and shelter.  It is a choice we as a people must make and have made but it is also a burden we carry regardless of our belief in the worthlessness of one of our members.  WE DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO PASS JUDGMENT ON THE MOTIVES OF THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH TO WORK to the point where we can justify incarcerating them because we feel they impose a burden upon society.  It is a slippery slope.  It becomes more apparent in the next step.

FOURTEEN:  Kind of like the Amendment, applying Federal Rights to the States.  What is good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander…

We have become so gifted in our ability to place blame without agreeing that we too often share in the blame.  That being said, people should respect the rights of others and work toward a peaceful solution.  Ok, I said it, now we must examine some recent events and ponder:

THE UNDERWEAR BOMBER –  Yes, he tried to blow up an entire airplane filled with wonderful people who reacted wisely and valiantly and stopped him.  We all agree on that and he readily admits his actions.  There is no disputing the facts of the event:  He lit his crotch on fire and melted his family jewels; that pretty much sums up the result of his behavior, excluding the resultant financial ramifications that, may I say, have been unnecessarily increased by fueled public sentiment.  The guy is and was on a mission, whether we agree with it or not, we can all agree he had his own personal justifications.   So what are we going to do with him?  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing we can do to him personally, that we’ll actually do, that will dissuade others like him.

Where am I going?  The Underwear Bomber is just an example of how ridiculous this teenager’s case has grown to consume so much of our Department of Justice’s assets and efforts.  Technically, this kids only crime was being an unsuccessful terrorist.  We can all agree how terrible he could have been and the resulting harm but we cannot pretend that he deserves so much of our current focus.  Let’s take a look at something that has ACTUALLY EFFECTED THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES:

The current Mortgage-backed Securities mess, as seen in another We Truth article and HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF OTHER ARTICLES ON THE WEB, has actually caused the loss of MILLIONS OF JOBS, MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of lost opportunity for this generation, the next generation, the generation after that etc.  We have and are currently facing a financial crisis that can be described as a Depression or a “Double-dip Recession”.  Whatever you call it, almost all experts agree that it has been contributed to by the mortgage mess.  

What caused the mortgage mess?  Most agree on several causes, all agree that Franklin Raines played his part as did many in the present and prior administrations.  So what kind of attention and legal actions are we taking against them.  Heck, they’re ready to crucify the teenager that only melted his own nuts, what are we going to do with the evil wrongdoers that took part in what We Truth describes as the “Greatest Theft of Equity Known To Man”.  So far………….. well, you get the picture.  Remember, what’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander.

If we choose to go all out punishing kids because they accepted a justification for their attempted behaviors we find abhorrent; we must also impose a harsher punishment upon the individuals or agencies responsible for actually harming millions upon millions of our citizenry.  Let’s not forget, while the underwear guy did it for ideological reasons alone and not for first hand animosity, his actions were but a single failed attempt.  The politicians, corporations, wealthy individuals, banks, bank attorneys, and crooks on Wall Street did it knowingly and repetitively for the sole purpose of increasing their own personal financial wealth at the expense of anybody involved, with full knowledge that they were committing a crime and with the blessing in many or most cases of already being wealthy and receiving all of the best advantages most of us could only dream of.


STEP FIFTEEN AND ONWARD – We Truth will wait until progress is made upon the first fourteen steps.  We have plenty of things to do before we go any further.

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