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14 October 2011 2,424 views One Comment

If you jump into a pool of water that was created by a heavy rain, which one of the raindrops will cause you to drown? 

One single raindrop will not kill you but a pool of water, if left to accumulate, will provide a sufficient amount of water to drown a person.  Is the metaphor lost on the consumer in this country? 

The people of the United States have allowed the pool of corruption and greed to grow from so many avenues that we find ourselves feeling hopeless about a solution.  We’ve lost our will to fight in so many ways that we now don’t even question authority when authority kills our own citizens (Fast and Furious).  Likewise, we’re too fast to condemn our neighbors because they have committed some small error of judgment or simply cannot afford to fight on their own for their rights.

The lessons of the past century must cause us to be vigilant so that hatred, corruption and greed are not allowed to fester and grow.  Much like a pool of raindrops, corruption will grow until it drowns its first victim.  As it grows, corruption and greed will consume more and more innocent lives. 

It is important to remind attorneys that, while their cause may be true, they shouldn’t overlook the importance of the cure while they treat the symptoms.  Today, each case where a “public interest” is affected will contain its own unique damage(s).  I don’t wish to diminish the importance of helping the individual with his personal cause but I also don’t want to willingly play a game I can’t win. 

Lets take it from the beginning:

Let’s pretend I’m a criminal and I want to steal/take by less than honest means your property.  It makes no difference what the property is, I’m only concerned with my “bottom line.”  Like all businessmen, I weigh the profit and loss scenarios to determine which avenue I will proceed down to amass great wealth and fortune.  Several factors that go into my decision are the chance that I will get caught, what will happen if I get caught, how much profit will I make from my efforts, what are the potential costs, is there a way I can affect the outcomes of any of the factors discussed, can I provide a scapegoat, etc.?

Criminals are nothing more than businessmen that break a law.  Well, traditionally that would be true, today “crime” is a term more importantly related to enforcement.  Getting back to the rain.

The people give the responsibility to our government to drain the “pools of water” so that it is safe to live in our society.  When the government doesn’t protect us from the water we are left to save ourselves.  Moreover, when the government not only fails to drain the pool of water but they also grease the banks of the river, the danger we face is twofold.

I’ve been accused of pandering rhetoric and while that may be true it is also true that the people have been left fighting a fight they cannot win under the current rules.

The Courts of this country today are not the only method by which justice will prevail.  Over the years they have become their own protectorate.  They hold civil rights within their grasp but step aside when criminal enforcement of the law is an issue.  Although the Constitution leaves enforcement of the law to the Executive Branch it also leaves the interpretation of the law to the Judicial Branch.  Given the fact that the Supreme Court is not deaf, dumb, or blind; they are certainly free to act sua sponte  upon events when the law is clear and the facts are known.  Although the Court cannot act to enforce a law upon the people, it certainly can remove the legal license of an attorney who fails his sworn duty. 

The Courts are given the power to police their own from within.  That being said, the Justice Department is staffed with a significant amount of attorneys as are many large corporate law firms.  The Courts have absolute power over the ability of lawyers to practice law should their conduct be found to run contrary to their duty.  Ask yourself, over the last fifty years how many attorneys were brought before the Supreme Courts of this country because the Court themselves initiated it? 

When the interests of the government run contrary to the people it is inherently within the people’s rights to demand the government act appropriately.   The government, after all, works for the people.

As the raindrops fall and you fear the depth upon you, don’t fall upon your knees and quicken the pace, stand with us and let We Truth bring your troubles to light.  Like the Beatles song, “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say, Its alright…”

Give us your story and let us help so that others aren’t similarly victimized.  Right now the fight is in the court system; however, we must reach beyond to achieve a permanent solution.

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