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Natural Gas – Use it or lose it.

29 March 2010 18,609 views No Comment

Natural Gas is or could be the saviour of our economy.  It literally could replace gasoline in every vehicle in this country within a few years.  Its abundance is unknown but current estimates range anywhere from decades to hundreds of years of supplies.  The technology to use it in vehicles has been available for decades and only the government of the United States stands in the way.

WHAT!?  Our government is standing in the way of clean and efficient use of our natural resources.  Yup, that’s right, your government doesn’t give a rats ass about your needs or our country’s future.  Suprising? Hardly.

We just spent a half billion dollars building a factory for outdated solar technology everyone knew wouldn’t work or turn a profit.  Yet everyone agrees that Natural Gas is plentiful and comes from within our borders. 

It would take less than a few billion dollars to build a factory to produce natural gas vehicle kits, NGV kits, for every vehicle in the United States and it would put to work millions of citizens.  The industry would be profitable and would sustain itself.  The result would be the complete elimination of any importation of oil and would significantly improve the air surrounding and within urban areas.  Moreover, natural gas can also be replaced with other forms of methane.  You know what methane is, its the gas that comes from rotting trash and is produced using animal and food waste products.

Anyone standing in the way of the United States being immediately placed upon Natural Gas and all of its uses should be considered a traitor to the country.  I’m not saying there aren’t other valuable resources but I am saying that we shouldn’t ignore our blessings.  After all, a person parachuting from a perfectly good airplane could spend his time trying to drift into a tall tent filled with foam that seems to lay somewhere off in the horizon or he could simply pull the cord on the parachute he’s wearing.  We can’t overlook our current saving grace simply because the future may hold an alternative.

Don’t forget, natural gas is constantly being let lose into our environment and continues to renew itself.  We must DEMAND our government act to promote and encourage the development of natural gas technologies.  From small methane production facilities in a home to large natural gas wells, we need to take advantage of fuel we already have but have ignored for centuries.

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