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Hello world!

17 December 2009 22,067 views No Comment

WELCOME.  Welcome to We Truth dot com.  When I showed someone my domain name for the first time they replied, “Wet Ruth?! Who’d want to go to that site?”  Anyway, a few grey hairs later and a bunch of time and we have a new website.  We promise to do our best to promote the best interests of the people of the United States of America and along the way have a bit of funny with the insanity that surrounds us.  We admit that our views lean a bit right but so do most people’s.  The reality is we all have both left and right views and overall we tend to gravitate toward the middle.  We welcome your participation and hope you uncover some stories and give us the honor of helping you correct the injustice.  Thanks again for visiting, we value your time.

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