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[6 Jan 2013 | No Comment | 4,662 views]

Norman Rousseau Commits Suicide During Wells Fargo Lawsuit
Story excerpts taken from The Huffington Post, which was written by Harry Bradford – Harry didn’t write the really nasty stuff below, I DID, so if Wells Fargo wants to sue me then they can take their best shot.  Go Ahead, make my day!  This story is really about Wells Fargo and their “friend(s)” in the OCC – can you say hello Mr. Morris Morgan?  To Mike Heid, President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage; you should start making plans now to retire in …

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[12 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 10,149 views]

The following viewpoints are made by the author.  Any representation made is made by the author and should not be considered as an endorsement or an admission by anybody else involved.
Local couple’s, James and Judy DeHarts’, home was sold at Sheriff Sale while they were current with their mortgage payments and while Wachovia/Homeq knew the home wasn’t foreclosed upon. Bank’s attorneys, Michael Milstead at Milstead & Associates, claims bank made him do it and that he is blameless. Plaintiffs’ attorney says that this was no mistake; it was done to …

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[11 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 1,071 views]

Good Evening,
What I’m going to do today is give a new perspective on the creativeness of the criminals that reside within our banking system. 
Susquehanna Bank, they bought Farmers First Bank in Lancaster County, is a regional bank with numerous branches.  By the way, I believe they’ve recently purchased Graystone.  For years I dealt successfully with Farmers First Bank but when Susquehanna Bank took over things began to go bad. 
At the point Susquehanna Bank began to service my auto and personal loans I believe I had five loans with the bank.  …

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[22 Dec 2009 | One Comment | 4,274 views]
TREASON – No longer a battlefield term?

In the past, the word “treason” would conjure images of a lone soldier running across the battlefield to the opposing General to divulge battle plans or a secret of some sort.  Today, the concept of “treasonous behavior” has become confused with the advent of the 24 hour financial market that views a country’s borders and identity as little more than a nuisance that relates to the timeline of its specific trading market, stock exchanges, etc.  How then can treasonous behavior be defined? 
First, complexities of criminal enforcement must be dealt with; …

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[22 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 666 views]
JUDICIAL WOES:  Woe do you think we should do?



JUDICIAL SYSTEM OVERLOAD.  What is apparant to many in today’s legal environment in that our legal system has become overloaded by its own poor design.  Lawyers, unlike doctors, have not progressed into the modern world of specialization and courts; likewise, have not modernized to include features one would expect to promote efficiency. 
     A lawyer today approaches his case from all angles.  He must advocate for his client, be an officer of the court, and follow the formalities and procedures that have become woven into the legal system.  The Courts themselves …